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Maybe I&#8217;ll pass on the OWS I had planned on doing in the morning, after all&#8230;..

Maybe I’ll pass on the OWS I had planned on doing in the morning, after all…..

  1. trimamatri said: eeeeeewwwwwww!
  2. springermom said: Your FIL needs to learn the definition of a good va-ca!
  3. shortmom said: mmmm tasty
  4. melanietris said: Since you’re only living off a couple of bananas and some yogurt you might want to conserve your energy anyway.
  5. dawnversion2point0 said: It’s just algae - get out there!
  6. chrisbiketri said: Good call.
  7. lifedoesjed said: Pussy!
  8. keepingupwithmcjones said: Groooosssss
  9. uhoh-janellio said: Haha! Stupid Tumblr! That comment was for another post! To your post, I say “EW”.
  10. ceebeedoeslife said: oh jeez
  11. tomkeepstrying said: Pansy!
  12. jbizzle329 said: If you accidentally swallow the water, it’s like having protein supplements built into your workout.
  13. cantstopcristin said: Do it!
  14. regainingmymoxy said: HAHA. I suppose this also kills you hope of catching your food for TE weekend. But, hey, seaweed is good for you. I am sure algea is too!! I’d be going all “sea cow” in there. Floating around, eating - like a manatee!!
  15. tallmormon said: Lake monsters, nessie, champ, take your pick
  16. beachyrunner said: there are definitely zombies in there.
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