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A smile and a frown….

Got home from work and was anxious to run. Forgot that my wife was leaving for a girl’s night/dress up in PJs and drink wine night out. Her first in 4 years. I never mentioned my run, just kissed her goodbye and told her to have fun. She always says no to these invites so that I’m not “stuck” with feeding/watering/bedtime the boys by myself. I insisted weeks ago she say yes to this one. Then, I promptly forgot about it. I’m happy she went, though. She needs some girl time.

Tomorrow… tomorrow is mine come hell or high water.

Checked the mail pile, and there was a package for me. Inside? All of the awesome things I won in Robin’s St. Jude giveaway/raffle! I won the cycling package. It had an insulated water bottle (which the 15 month old instantly staked a claim on):

There was also a bike gear bag, which was awesome, cause I was really needing one. The 4 year old grabbed it and asked what it was for. I was only half listening to him and said, “You put your junk in it”. I looked over a little while later to see this:

I snapped a pic and asked him why he was doing that. “I’m putting my junk in it”, was the reply. Oooof… Nikki teaches him to say “private parts”. I have no idea where he heard “junk”. I’m going to go ahead and blame my wife for that one anyway.

There were other things in the package, too, but the one that brought an unexpected smile to my face was this:

She didn’t have to do this. But she did. She took the time to send us a card and 2 stickers celebrating my wife and my half marathon at Soaring wings. I was touched.

Robin is a sweet, thoughtful woman and I am so glad my wife and I were able to meet her in person. 

So, although I was disappointed I didn’t get to run tonight, this unexpected package cheered me right up. A big THANK YOU to Robin. You are awesome…..

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  1. regainingmymoxy said: Ok - your 15 mo old’s hair. LOVE!! and all of this post made my day. So amusing. :o) (and Robin is the sweetest!!)
  2. blissmanifesto said: You are full of good karma for being such a kind, thoughtful husband. Yay you!!
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